Hotel Murder

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According to the basic protocols, the hotels should take care of their guests. The person that comes to the hotels checks in with his or her ID and the privacy of each guest should be respected in a direction that everyone should not be allowed to enter into the rooms of the hotel, everyone should not have access to any information related to the clients and so on. And those things are good but sometimes they can make things even harder...Carol and Ryan are two detectives who are on a particular mission today. Namely, it is about a murder that has happen in one of the hotels in their city. And as mentioned above, some information is hard to get and find the traces right away but Carol and Ryan are here to lighten up the whole case.They are already in the hotel, collecting evidences from the place of the crime scene which means that the investigation has already started. Let\'s work together with the police and find out what happened in the hotel and who is responsible for the terrible murder.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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