Throne of Lies

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It\'s really hard to predict which side the crime is coming from. Criminal actions are usually associated with all kinds of delinquents who are expected to be prone to such actions, but sometimes even those who by definition should protect us from crime can be seduced by the idea of easy money. Something similar to this happens in the case led by Detective Tyler. Namely, his colleague is at the center of an incident. It is believed that Tyler\'s colleague deliberately hid certain evidence from the crime scenes to protect the suspect from the police. If this happened, Tyler\'s colleague becomes an accomplice in the crime, which means that an investigation will be conducted against him as well. Tyler comes to the scene of the crime to investigate the case himself and check whether these suspicions are true or not.Let\'s help Detective Tyler find out the truth about this case. We still hope Tyler\'s co-worker isn\'t the one hiding evidence, because we still want to trust the authorities...

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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