Hidden Observatory

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The stories about UFO-s and aliens seem to be one of the greatest mysteries in our time. From one hand there are claims that place the existence of UFO-s and life out of our planet to the myths but supposedly there are well kept documents that prove the opposite. According to some of them, those alien forms of life could even come to our planet and stay between us... but nothing that might be taken as truth.Nicole and Frank are actual UFO hunters. That means that they spend a lot of time observing the sky, looking for objects that are not just planes and helicopters, but something that doesn\'t belong to out Earth. One day they find out that the government has a hidden observatory that follows the movements of the UFO-s. Nicole is convinced that in that observatory can be found hard evidences about the existence of alien life. Their search can start and we will also see if their believes are true or there is nothing like a hidden truth about the alien life. This is a perfect chance to learn something more about this topic that still stays in mystery.

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