Garage Sale Treasure

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Gloria loves to visit garage sales. She believes that every object can have many uses, so she loves to reuse things rather than buy new ones. Something that seems old to one person or is not useful anymore, for another person can be very valuable, and so on. Today, Gloria found out from one old friend that there will be another garage sale. Gloria\'s friend told her that the owners of the house, where the garage sale will take place, bought the house a few months ago. The house was full of objects that belonged to the previous owners of the house. They left many things, but the new owners don\'t need those things. They like to get rid of those things because there is not enough place for all the stuff, but they don\'t know that there are many valuable things between the objects they found there. Gloria has come to the house. She is very happy because she has found lost treasure. Ok, maybe is not a real treasure, but those objects are worth a lot! Let\'s see what can be found in this garage sale.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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