Wildlife Park

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When it comes to endangered species, sometimes there is a human factor that has an influence on the extinction of certain species, but sometimes the genetics of the animals is simply not good enough to continue the existence of that species. In both cases giving some help from the professionals like doctors and organizations that care about this subject is more than welcomed, that’s for sure.Paul is the leader of the expedition that is supposed to visit the wildlife park, located at the Bluestone island. They have a task to check out the condition of this park and find out why lately on this island there are more and more animals who get sick. He has to explore the whole situation on the island and see what or who is responsible for the latest events.Together with Paul, there are two more assistants – Amy and Eric, who will follow Paul in his actions and hopefully, they will help find the needed answers for what is going on here. Let’s visit the Bluestone island together and help Paul and his team.

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