Sign of the Ancestors

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Most of us are aware of our ancestors, but not that aware to know who was our great-great-great grandfather. And many times this information could surprise us, if we decide to go that far. Our ancestors might be very wealthy or very important persons, even kings or great leaders, but on the other hand, our roots could be rather modest, in a sense that maybe our ancestors didn\'t have that much or they could even be some delinquents.Then again, your origin could be located somewhere very far, on the other side of the Earth and yes, all of that is very interesting to know and it can\'t harm us at all, since we have our own personalities, our own life and surroundings that probably differs from the one of our ancestors. Now meet Taylor who is an adventurer on a quest to discover the history of his family. That is something he wanted so much so he finally managed to do it. At the beginning of his search, he located the birthplace of his ancestors and believe it or not but it is an amusing castle which he wanted to explore hoping to find clues of his heritage.

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