Rituals Of Night

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The line between reality and fiction sometimes can be very thin for the writers. Or at least people often think like that, always wondering if the writers have really experienced the things that are in their books.The detectives Heather and Nathan are dealing with a case that includes a writer. Namely, the writer named Tyler is known for his books where he describes the rituals of black magic in every detail, using descriptions that seem like he was at the place when he was writing that. Are those books product of his incredible talent and his ability to notice and visualize things or he really performs those rituals?However, some evidences may indicate that Tyler, together with his friends, are performing rituals related to black magic and those rituals are forbidden by law. That means that if someone can prove that Tyler is really into black magic, the authorities can take charges. The detectives Heather and Nathan, together with their team, arrive at Taylor\'s house. They are here to search the house and see if some evidences could prove the assumptions.

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