Airport Intruder

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Millions of people travel every single day. We use different sources of vehicles, some like using their cars to get somewhere and they would drive more than ten hours to arrive to some place. Others prefer taking the plane to go somewhere. It is faster and not cheaper.For those who are more paranoid than usual, they think of the bad things that might happen to them. How many times there are threats of all kind that something bad might happen. There is a call for a bomb or terrorist attack, and vary often, this might mean a false alarm, but that is enough for the passengers to be scared to death.Detective Victoria, the steward Martha and detective Harold are in front of a mission at the national airport. Important information about a group of criminals has come to them. These criminals are planning to kidnap an airplane. All the flights are cancelled and our detectives can start with the examination and exploration of the airport, with one goal – to collect evidences so they can arrest the criminals.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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