Next Door Criminals

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No, we can\'t choose our neighbors, that is something we all know. Simply, it is not possible to check out the \'biography\' of every single person that lives around the house or the apartment we want to buy and it\'s not that we are going to spend our days with that person. Still, there are some things that concern us, when it comes about our neighbor.Natalie lived in a quiet neighborhood. However, recently, she and her parents who live in a same place, got new neighbors, people that seem rather strange because they live in some kind of isolation. For a longer period of time, they haven\'t talked to anyone and Natalie noticed something very suspicious about them.She and her parents believe that their closest neighbors are actually one of the most wanted criminals in the country. Natalie has also noticed that those people are too similar to some criminals, posted on the FBI\'s web site, so now she, together with her parents, are rather concerned about the neighbors. What can they do next about this situation?

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