Underground Art

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No one has anything against street art, and everyone enjoys it, but there are still certain rules to be followed when it comes to drawing in public spaces. These works of art should be located in certain places, and only in this way, they won\'t violate the rules of public architecture. However, graffiti is often an expression of rebellion, so those who draw it deliberately place it in visible places, precisely to attract the attention of the public.Detective Nicholas, together with police officers Samantha and Brandon, are on a mission to find the street graffiti artists who paint the walls of the city. The detective has nothing against street art as long as it is done in permitted places. According to his investigation, in this case, there is a case for teenagers who do not have a sufficiently developed conscience and persistently take pictures in illegal places. That may create adrenaline and excite these young people, but that does not mean it is correct. Nicholas wants to find the teenagers who are doing this and tell them to stop vandalizing the city.

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