Tropical Treasure

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We all have a passion for different things. Some things may seem strange to us, but we have to be aware that some people do those things with great pleasure. This time we are talking about treasure hunting. Most of us haven\'t even thought about it as an option, but if everyone was thinking like us, numerous discoveries would have stayed hidden somewhere.Richard and Emily are experienced, treasure hunters. Their career is long, and they have discovered so many things, so many important items that can tell us a lot about the past. This time, they have been hunting the treasures of an old voyage ship from the 18th century for some time.Finally, they located the shipwreck on a tropical island. It was about time for them to find the tropical treasure they have been seeking for so long.We will also visit this amazing tropical island to find out what is hiding there. Let\'s enjoy that wonderful nature and find out something more about the treasures of that old voyage ship.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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