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While some photographers like to stick to fashion or family photography, or maybe stock photographies that are usually made in studios or other indoor spaces, others look for something completely different when it comes to a label of what good photography means. Capturing the moment in the wild, capturing some interesting happening in nature, or some aspect of the flight of a bird, are exceptionally more appreciated than simply capturing the nice face of the model.That\'s what John thinks as well. He is an adventurous and ambitious photographer, who set out on a journey to the Australian Savanna. His intention for taking such a trip is to capture on film the beauty of the wild animals. He likes to see their behavior in their natural habitat when they are completely their own. John was planning this trip for months and he was so excited to finally be able to take the photos he had always dreamed of.Let\'s observe nature and the animals together with John and find out their hidden beauties.

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