Detective Trio

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Michael, Elizabeth and William are a detective trio, known in their profession as one of the best teams of detectives in the country. They, together, have solved numerous cases and because of that, they always get cases that seem to be really difficult for the other detectives.This time, Michael, Elizabeth and William have one of those complicated cases, a case that could not be solved for few years already. Today, the detective trio is in one of the houses where the gang of the dangerous mobster named Anthony gathers, in order to make their meetings.The authorities are giving their best for years, to catch that mobster but they simply can’t get into his trance. They are not able to find a single evidence that will prove his crimes, so they could arrest him once for all.The detective trio is here, in this house, so it is time to search the whole place and see if they could find something that will solve this case that has been open for years. Maybe you will be the key factor that will make them the investigation easier.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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