Lost at Midnight

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Susan and Richard are spouses who always wanted to buy a property in the village. However, they didn\'t have any chance for that before. It was always too expensive, too old, too far, but now they finally found what they were looking for. Finally, they found out property that suits their needs, but also it\'s suitable for their budget. It\'s in the village, the house is good, the yard is good, it seems like they will fulfill their dreams at last.However, sometimes things are not as they look on first sight. Unfortunately, the biggest dream of Susan and Richard turn into their biggest nightmare. Once they arrived at the place, the two spouses found just an old abandoned house. Nothing was as they expected. And things to be even worse, it seems that someone lives in this house – ghosts!What will Susan and Richard do?! Will they stay and try to fight the ghosts or they\'ll leave the place right away, trying to find their luck on some other place? Let\'s take a look at the whole situation and see if something can be done here.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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