Lost Luggage

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There is one possible nightmare that scares even the people who love traveling - losing the luggage! Even the ones who are always open for adventure, who like to go from one place to another, using all kinds of means of transport, feel terrible when they imagine that their luggage could be lost. It is a real torture to look after your suitcases, assuming that they might have ended up with someone else; that someone destroyed your personal belongings; that you have lost something that means something to you forever! But, unfortunately, these things happen...Katherine was traveling by international train number 54o, but at the station, when she was stepping down of the train, she found out that her luggage is lost! Katherine needs our help finding her luggage, so let\'s see what we can do in order to help her. This girl will be very helpful if she manages to find her belongings sooner because she has a lot of things that mean a lot to her.Let\'s see what we can do, to help Katherine with her luggage.

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