The Last Hour

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It is end of those times when the secretaries spent their time preparing coffee and typing some letters. Now the companies have extended the responsibilities of this particular job so we office managers who know every detail of the work of the company and are responsible for numerous aspects of its functioning. Angela works as an Office Manager in one big company. Her job is very responsible because she takes care for the whole documentation in the company. She is in charge for all the contracts that her company does with other companies and that is something really important for good functioning of one company.Today Angela\'s company is up to sign a very important agreement with a very important client but the needed documents are lost somewhere in the offices of the company. Angela could not even imagine how that happened so she is rather worried about that situation. There is only one hour left to find the all documents. Otherwise the contract will fail and that will be very bad for the reputation and the functioning of the whole company.Let\'s help Angela find those documents before it is too late. We will be calm and detailed in our search so we are sure that everything will turn to be just great at the end. Just that we need to start looking for those important papers right away and not to waste our time just like that. Let\'s start our search.

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