Mysterious Friendship

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The Internet and social networks, in addition to many benefits, have also brought countless scams. The media are the perfect space to create a false identity and lure many people into risky actions that will cost them a lot of money later. Sometimes, the police track down these fraudsters, but often there is nothing they can do. People are left helpless and disappointed, with lost faith and money.Detectives Rachel, Jack, and Janet are working on a case of financial fraud, at the moment. Namely, an unknown person who used a fake name on social networks managed to cheat several elderly ladies and take a large amount of gold and jewelry from them. That person was using a false identity on the social networks, so it is not easy for the detectives to get into his trace. Detectives want to uncover the fraudster, it is their job, but they will have to give some effort to find him.Let\'s help this investigation by searching for the traces and pieces of evidence that will take us to the person responsible for the frauds.

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