Tracing the Steps

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There are reports of a missing teenager. His name is Larry and he has been missing for a few days already. His parents are really worried and they reported his missing in the first moment when they realized what is going on. Detective Brandon and police officer Helen are working on this case. Thay are following the traces of the teenager. Last, he was seen in one of the city busses and one bus station. The detective and the police officer are trying to pay attention to all available traces and evidences, so they can get closer to the missing child. Each case of a missing child is done with a special attention because everything can happen to a child and acting fast can mean a lot for the victim. But first, let\'s find out what actually happened to the teenager. He might got lost somewhere, he might be somewhere with his friends, without being aware that his parents are looking for him, or maybe something bad happened. Let\'s act fast like real professionals and find out the truth about this case.

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