Train Journey

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Young Clarice loves visiting her sister. They don\'t live in the same city, but the two sisters don\'t see that as an obstacle. That gives them a chance to travel a lot and change the place they stay very often. Today, Clarice will take the last train and go to her sister. She is happy because she will travel once again. However, there is one problem that she will have to face before she leaves. Namely, Clarice has lost a part of her luggage at the railway station. That is a rather big problem because there are some personal belongings she will need for the trip. There are also some valuable things lost. That means that she doesn\'t have time to waste. She has to start searching for her luggage right away. Let\'s help young Clarice find the part of her luggage that is lost. We will search inside the train, and also the railway station. We hope that this girl will continue her trip without any problem, and she will get back everything that is lost. We believe that this trip will be another positive experience for young Clarice.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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