The Princess Test

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Maybe royal titles come as an inheritance, but even in this case, it does matter who will inherit the royal crown. That\'s why even royal heirs are often put to the test. An unworthy man with a crown can endanger the safety of the entire kingdom, and that is something that no one wishes, right? Meet princess Emily. She is about to become a queen, but there is still one thing that keeps her away from the royal crown - that final test that will prove that she is the right person for the title. She has to get to the property of the royal wizard and find all the objects that are hidden by the wizard. After that, she needs to answer all the riddles she will get from him. Only if she passes this task, she will become a queen. And we like Emily to get what she deserves, right? Let\'s make sure that she passes the test without any mistakes, giving her as much help as she needs. We know she is the right person for a queen, but sometimes even the best will use some help.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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