Lost on Halloween

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Halloween masks are definitely one of the most beautiful masks ever. Maybe people choose only scary masks in the past but last years the Halloween night, including the nights around Halloween, are the biggest parade of all kinds of masks.And as the years pass, those masks become more and more perfect! Kids and grown-ups invest a lot of time and creativity in those masks so they are just excellent, even equally good as the ones worn in the movies or in the theater. And that\'s why Halloween is a very happy and exciting holiday, but sometimes the scary stories related to it, can interfere with the reality... In that case the mask might not be that important...Judy is masked traditionally in a mask of an evil witch for Halloween. She loves the holiday and she enjoys ‘trick or treating\' very much. She starts visiting the local houses for ‘trick or treat\' when she gets to a house where all the doors are open. She knocks on the door, even though it is open, but it seems like the house is empty. This is little bit strange and unexpected for this night, so Judy starts exploring the space, to see what is going on there.

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