Trail of the Thief

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You can never know if you are safe from thieves, even when it comes to your own home. We may think that we are the safest there, but our home can become the target of a brazen thief at any time. Let’s find out what’s at the center of Detective Roger’s new case. Detective Roger is working on his new case. This time it is about valuable items stolen from the rich man Gerald’s house. Namely, this man’s house is located near the city park and the detective believes that the thieves took advantage of that. Roger thinks that they saw a suitable place in the park where they could hide the stolen items. He hopes that he is right about his suspicions and that he will manage to find the valuables and coins right in the city park. Let’s search the city park together with our detective Roger and find out if the stolen items could be there or if the thieves tried a little harder and took them to some more distant and hidden place.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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