The Ancient Code

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Well that\'s little bit strange for us who live a modern life but there are some people that even today live in caves. Namely, there is information for example that actually over 30 million Chinese make their homes in caves, then information about a women in Mexico who also lives in a cave... And if the caves where our ancestors lived and stayed in order to survive and be protected were rather primitive in those prehistoric times, today cave homes offer green benefits in natural insulation and materials, and they can be surprisingly comfortable and cozy. Still, in this game will turn to those real prehistoric caves and try to figure out how they functioned.Helen, George and Brian are on their way to discover the way of living of their ancestors that lived before hundreds of years in the ancient caves. This question has always been a mystery, even though there are many explanations about their life. However, those three have found one cave and they hope that this cave hides the secret that will help them understand how those people functioned in a community.Helen, George and Brian are already in the cave, and they start with their exploring. Will we take part in this search too? This is a great chance to learn something more about the prehistorically period and maybe open the ancient code that will reveal them and us, a lot of important things from the past of our civilization.

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