Mystical Knights

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Now, we will be part of a royal story that includes an unfortunate event. It may not be something that seems serious, but the courage of those who did this is huge, or maybe more precisely, their audacity. Something strange was happening in the royal castle a few days ago. Namely, the castle was visited by some mysterious knights, but they did not make a regular visit. They brazenly entered the castle while the king was not there, and that is something that must not be left like that. Knight Stephen was tasked with finding out who the mysterious knights re who did this. He will try to find important evidence, evidence that will help reveal the truth. Knight Stefan should act as a real detective in this case, explore the entire castle, and try to find the answer to the situation.Let\'s help Knight Stefan in his mission to find the mysterious knights. Together with him we will search the entire castle and see what is hidden there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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