Destinys Magic

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So, when we hear the term \'witch,\' we usually think about those evil witches that could be found very often in the fairy tales. The witch from the story about Snow-white is definitely one of the cruelest characters ever. Then just remember yourself to the story about Hansel and Gretel and again, the evil witch who wanted to harm those poor kids. The witches were treated very badly during the middle-age as well, even though those witches were women that differ from their surroundings, rather than women who wanted to do evil.However, in general witchcraft refers to the practice of, and the belief in, magical skills and abilities exercised by individuals and certain groups. And by definition, it is not related to doing bad things and doing harm to other people, but completely the opposite. Now meet Destiny. She is a good with by any means. This special girl has a special mission in life, to help people, and she is rather dedicated to her job and she does it with a huge enthusiasm.In this magical game, our player is a person that will rather use some help from this good witch. He goes to Destiny\'s home to look for some help. The thing is that our player is enchanted and Destiny is the only one who can break the spell and bring him to normal.

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