The Kings Wish

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Maybe you think that only in stories and in movies people arrange marriages according to the social status, to the looks and other motives. No, you are actually mistaking. There are countries where couples see each other actually on the day of the wedding, or there are situations where a girl from 16 years is being engaged to much older person, because her father and her family simply has the reason for that.In today game we are facing one prince\'s father, the king who is beloved from people. His son has grown up and now he wants to find the perfect young lady for his one and only son. You can help in this pursuit.The king has one big wish. He wants to find smart, beautiful and smart princess for his son. The whole kingdom knows about this, so young girls every single day come to the king so he could choose wife for his son. But, the king has few questions that he wants to pose to the prince\'s future wife, if some girl answers correctly to all of his questions – than that would be the future princess. Young and pretty Maria arrives today in the kingdom and it is about time to meet the king.

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