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The creativity can go in numerous different directions, especially when it\'s about playing games. We could notice that when we observe kids\' games, while the games for the ‘bigger\' kids could also get different directions, often playing on the edge of what is dangerous or scary.Charlie and his friends for example, every time when it\'s a full moon, play one particular scary game. Namely, in their neighborhood there is a house that looks really scary. Exactly on midnight, one of the friends gets a task to get into the house and find the objects that have been hidden by his friends. Besides the hidden objects, there are also riddles left by the friends, so the player has to answer them too. Even though this game is rather scary, Charlie and his friends especially enjoy playing it.This night it\'s Charlie\'s turn to get into the house and complete the tasks. He would need a little help from us, to finish the game successfully, so let\'s take a look what is inside this house and help Charlie complete the tasks.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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