Lost in the wild

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When it comes to mountain climbing, there are different categories of climbers and usually everyone chooses challenges that are suitable for him, according to his condition and experience. And while some people climb mountains recreationally, just to spare their free time somewhere in nature, other people take mountain climbing very seriously. The professionals are prepared to climb even the highest mountains and their experience means a lot because thanks to that experience, they are able to deal even the biggest challenges in the mountain.However, conquering a new and unexplored terrain is a big challenge even for the greatest professionals. Tyler for example is a very experiences mountain climber but he also found himself in a rather big trouble this time. He can\'t find his way out of that spot but fortunately he sees one old abandoned house that seems to be his only way out of the situation.Tyler has to find a map that will help him to go back home and he hopes that this kind of a map is hidden right there...

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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