Avalanche Danger

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Thomas is one of the most famous local mountain climbers. He knows this mountain so much, that he is even able to predict exactly when there is a danger of avalanche. And those avalanches can be rather dangerous, so it is definitely better to avoid them. Only by following the warnings given by the people that take care for the security of the people on the mountain, those dangers can be avoided.But sometimes the skiers and recreationalists can act ecstatic and forget that their lives could be in danger. Two girls in the ski center, Dorothy and Sandra, didn\'t hear the warnings about avalanche danger and they didn\'t do anything about it. Now they are stuck in the ski center alone, feeling so scared, looking for help.Thomas has arrived at the ski center, with intention to help the two girls, to protect themselves from the avalanche. He knows the terrain very good, so he will be able to help them and save their lives. Let\'s see what will happen in this ski adventure, but also to advise these girls to be more careful in the future.

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