Forgotten Knowledge

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Who doesn\'t want to live forever? They say someone is alive until the memory of that person lives. We have one life which is short and we want to leave a mark in it. Someone with good, others with bad things. But, we all want to enjoy life the more is possible. The elixir of youth is something that people from different eras want to find. They look it everywhere, alchemist believe they can make it out of different ingredients.Bright mind knows that we can\'t live forever, but at least we can look better and not very aged. There are lots\' of ways for that to be done. Doing sports, having positive thinking, get alone with young people and never stay out of the time you are living. No matter how much we don\'t like some things, still, each epoch brings us certain beauty. Because, after all, life is one!Amber is a magician who has the task to find the ingredients of the elixir of youth. Her king needs it. As many sovereigns he as well wants to be forever young, to reign as long as possible. That\'s why Amber addresses to the highland where the ingredients are hidden and starts the investigation.

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