Into the Magic Woods

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What about some magic for the Monday mood? We are usually in a bad mood thinking about the working week, about the obligations that are waiting for you and the things you need to finish. That\'s why here we are to bring some magic in the everyday life. For instance, why shouldn\'t you imagine a be a dwarf today. Yes, a dwarf, those little lovely creatures that are hard working, that are with good character and always love to help each other.Be part of this story that will take you on the wings of love and admiration. Children love the stories with small and good creatures like dwarfs. We are sure that all of you have personalized them self with some of the Snow White and Seven dwarfs fairly tale. In the basis of these mythical race of short creatures, is to be skilled in mining and metalworking.For today we don\'t have seven dwarfs, but one very extraordinary. Gandorf is the dwarf who lives in the magical woods. He takes the player on a tour in the woods and shows him the magical world he lives in. Make your Monday look like a weekend day!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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