Christmas Decoration

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Christmas is definitely one of the best holidays for all of us. Maybe children seem most excited with the stories about Santa Claus, the presents and so, but the grownups love it too. Everyone is gathering together at home, spending some time together and forgetting the everyday worries... Like the Christmas magic is spreading all around and everyone is involved in it, enjoying the process of giving, decorating and having wonderful time.Rose, together with her husband and her sister enjoy Christmas especially. At this moment they are making the last preparations for the Christmas Eve. They loved this holiday since they were children, and their favorite job was decorating the home. However, it seems that always the hardest part of this job was finding the decorations needed for decorating the house. They use them every year but it only one time in a year so they try to keep them on a place where they won\'t involve too much space. And that is usually some good spot, some proper place...and they always forget about that place the next year!So now, Rose, her husband and her sister would need some help from you. They will be very thankful if you could help them find the Christmas decorations that are somewhere in the house, but they don\'t know where. Watch carefully and we are sure that you will notice them somewhere around the house, in some particular spot... That way we will help them have calm Christmas, without too much unnecessary worry and rush.

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