Hospital helpers

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There are different types of heroes. Maybe we are used to watching the superheroes in the movies, but sometimes the real heroes are among us. Sometimes regular people can do great things, and change the world, making it a better place - just like the superheroes do. Marilyn, Vincent, and Denise are our superheroes - members of the charity organization named \"Hospital Helpers.\" They are three super-humane persons who come to the city hospital once a week, to help people who are ill, or to help the medical staff in their work. They do this with great pleasure and that is something that makes them really special. Let\'s take part in one nice humane gesture, together with Marilyn, Vincent, and Denise, and help the three heroes in their job. See how they are helping in the hospital and maybe one day you will get an idea to do the same. Those people will be very thankful if you help them finish their work even better, so let\'s start right away. Charity is something we do for free, but the pleasure is so big, that no money can buy it.

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