Secrets of the tribe

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Donald and Kimberly are two adventurists,who together with their friend Abiona decide to take one new challenge. They are about to discover the secrets of Abiona’s tribe, a tribe that is very intriguing. Namely, Abiona is born in the tribe named Himba but she doesn’t know much about her tribe. Actually, this tribe is generally not enough explored, so the three adventurists will try to discover something more about it. There are many stories and legends related to Abiona’s tribe. However, one of them seems most interesting. We are talking about the legend that is still a big mystery. According to this legend, there is a hidden treasure on the location where Abiona’s tribe lives. Since noone knows something more about the Himba tribe, it is not sure if that treasure really exists or it is just another legend about s hidden treasure. Donald, Kimberly and Abiona will try to find answers for those questions. This will be a great adventure for them because they will be the first ones who will discover the mysteries related to the Himba tribe.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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