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Robin and Connie are two best friends that simply love cooking. Their whole life they have been experimenting with food, making so many different recopies, combining all kinds of ingredients. They work in their homes for themselves and for their friends and relatives who think that their talent is in truth extraordinary.Since Robin and Connie are aware that with time they have become real professionals, they think about turning cooking into their profession. Their love for cooking has made them open their own restaurant, a place where they could show their skills. The restaurant is open and in a very short period of time their restaurant has become very popular, a real hit in the city. Numerous people are coming to their restaurant, willing to taste their food and see what this place is offering for his clients.However, having so many costumers means having a lot of work. So many people come to the restaurant so Robin and Connie will definitely need some help if they like to manage all and respond to all orders. You will play this game as their assistant which means that you will be able to see closer how this work functions. Be prepared to everything because it will ask a lot of work and dedication if you like everything to be all right.

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