Mystery Resort

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Being a child of rich and famous parents has some benefits, but very often that means being in danger. Very often, the children of rich people are a target of criminals who like to get to the treasure of their parents by threatening the children. Detective Thompson gets to the famous resort in the southern part of Mexico. It is a very famous resort, visited by numerous people every year. The resort was known as a safe place until this unexpected happening mixed things up. Namely, the daughter of the owner of this luxury resort disappeared last night. The missing girl is 20 years old Gabriela, who was staying at the resort. The detective suspects that the girl was kidnapped, and he must find out where is she, as soon as possible. Besides that, he needs to find out who kidnapped her. Is someone related to her father, or someone else?- we are about to find out very soon. We should also help the detective explore the whole situation and find the kidnapper as soon as possible, finding answers to the whole situation.

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