Gold of Maggiole

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It is true that even in the wizarding world there is a rank derived from their merits and skills. Of course, the high rank has to be earned, and for that you have to fulfill certain conditions, to go to a special place, to get to some rare objects and so on.Now we\'re going to meet a real wizard, and a good wizard at that, who is at a really high level. It is about the wizard Nathan.Volsebnikot Nathan arrives in the famous village of Maggiole. This village may not be that well known to us, but it is really important to wizards. The village is known for being the secret society of the world\'s biggest wizards, and Nathan is not just an ordinary wizard. He is on the threshold of becoming one of the greatests, but he needs to do a few things to be counted among them. Our wizard needs few more objects that will increase his powers. With these objects he will become part of best and he needs just a bit to achieve this. Let\'s help our wizard to successfully complete this mission, that is, to find the objects that will bring his magic to the best.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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