The Finders

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Different people have different passion and different interests. That’s what triggers progre in every field, the passion and the wish to be or become better in something. Let’s see what are the interests of our today characters and see if we are interested about it too.Andrew, Donna and Joshua are three friends who share a same passion, a passion that is kind of strange but makes them very excited when they do it. Those three friends buy objects of famous collectors and after that, they explore them. While they do that, they try to find valuable objects in their collections.Today Andrew, Donna and Joshua are in the house of the famous collector Ryan. They have an intention to explore the place and they hope that they will really find valuable objects here.We can also take part in this search and maybe we can manage to help our characters find what ththey are looking for. Also we can learn something more about the collectors and their collections, but also something about whamakes an object valuable.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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