Crime chasers

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When it comes to politicians and crimes, bribery and corruption are probably the most common criminal acts related to this group of people. Why? Because being on a position means that many people will ask favors from you and many of them will offer something as a prize for your favor. And it is professional to refuse that money but some people decide to accept that money, while others choose to ask for even more. The detectives Rebecca and Jacob are one of the most famous detectives in the city. They are that good that it seems like there is no case they didn’t manage to solve. “Crime chasers” is the name used from their colleagues in the office to describe them because every criminal is afraid of them. This night the “crime chasers” arrive in the house that belongs to the ex-governor Gary. Gary is in custody at the moment, accused for bribery and corruption. The two detectives are in his house so they could collect enough evidences and prove that he is guilty. Let’s see if we can somehow help Rebecca and Jacob.

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