Living Nightmare

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Getting too early in the morning or bragging around that you live only four or five hours at night but you still feel and function great, may sound somehow heroic but is that right thing to do? What if we see on long terms, not getting enough sleep is something that can only make us sick and stress our nervous system.And not to mention insomnia. Some people really can’t get quality sleep and sometimes their lives turn into living nightmares, having in mind that they can’t accumulate enough energy for at least normal functioning, not to ask for something more.Unfortunately, Margaret is in this kind of a situation. For few days already, she can’t fall asleep. She scares that her nightmares could come back to her and destroy her life, not just her dreams. But on the other hand, she is so tired and she can’t make a difference any more, if it is dream or reality. Looking for an answer for her problems, Margaret believes that if she finds the objects from her childhood, she will manage to sleep peaceful again, peaceful like a small child… But is that true?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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