The Royal Sorceress

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Positive energy is something that we all talk about but we can not touch it, only feel it. No one can exactly tell you what that is, but you surely can retell the \"consequences\" of it. Event the best people or creatures sometimes need help. Maybe Chuck Norris never needs help! But, it is no big deal if someone is in need and decides to ask for a hand.That wouldn\'t hurt anyone, not even a strong king. We deal with such a character today. Stories usually say that kings can\'t do without their counselors. Those are the people that know everything about their masters, they are even smarter than their masters and give the best advise to them when needed. Today we are introducing you with such a king.Serena is the main royal sorceress. Her mission is to maintain the kings\' positive energy. The kings simply can\'t deal without Serena, she always warns the king if bad forces come closer to him and threaten him. Serena prepares her magics in the magic wood of secrets. Once a weak she goes there wanting to collect objects and positive energy, so she can transfer it to the king. That way he can be the strong king once again.

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