Proof of Crime

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Murders of people known to the public always attract a lot of attention. People believe that those murders are not done by chance but that the murderer had a very strong reason for committing the crime. Jealousy of the competition or money are two of the motives often related to the death of the celebrities.This time it is about the murder of the famous painter Brian Wood who has been found murdered in his house. Everyone was surprised by this murder because it seemed that he had no enemies, but it seems that it wasn\'t just like that... The detective Jasper is the first person who enters into the house after the murder of the painter.He is in the house with intention to find evidences and traces that could explain how was the murder done. After that, the next step is trying to find who could be the suspect for the murder and what was his motives. The investigation could start right away, so let\'s see what is it about and maybe help finish the investigation with a bigger successes.

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