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For many people going to a restaurant is a perfect way to relax. Optional conversation with someone, nice food, nice atmosphere, and music, plus fewer home responsibilities in the kitchen and around the table... A wonderful way to spend some time with yourself or with someone you are close with! But, sometimes some things could ruin our peace, and this time we are talking about things that could happen independently from us and we are not able to do anything about them.A dead body in the restaurant where you stay is something that can\'t be wished for anyone! But that\'s what happened in the restaurant named \"Blue.\" Namely, the two detectives Margaret and Steven have arrived at the restaurant where thins night, in one of the toilets, was found the dead body of a person named Paul. The detectives are here to discover what actually happened this night at the restaurant. Was Paul murdered or it was just an accident?Let\'s check out the scene together with Steven and Margaret and find out what happened to Paul.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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