Beyond the Fantasy

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Do you believe that there are really secret portals that can bring you into another dimension? We have seen so many movies about this topic, there are numerous books about it but for the most of us that is not something that we or someone from our surroundings has ever experienced. However, the fact that the fiction narrates about it a lot, sometimes makes us suspicious that maybe there could be something behind the obvious, some other truth that stays covered for the most of us...Andrea is the only girl that knows the secret portal that could bring you to the parallel world of the fairies. She is a really good friend with the fairy named Ann and she visits her very often. They share many happy moments together but this time Ann has a big problem. Her magic objects and magic coins, one way or another, have been lost somewhere in the inter-space.Since Andrea is her best friend, she will have to help Ann find those objects because they are very important for her. It\'s time to jump into the inter-space and see is there is really another dimension, behind this secret portal.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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