Forbidden Woods

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We could only imagine what is hiding there in the deep forests. Yes, we can go on a tour through that forest, but the forests are so big, so we can’t walk them through at once. And things change every moment, the animals also move all the time, we can’t even find their homes that easy… But Helen is a brave girl, willing to find out the truth about the forbidden woods…Namely, there is one deep forest that has been forbidden for visits for a long period of time. The reason for that is the story about the evil spirit that lives deep into the woods and scares the people that come there. This ghost terrifies everyone that comes in the forest, so people feeling helpless to do anything about it, decided to ban the entrance.However, Helen has decided to go deep into the forbidden part of the forest. She is a very brave girl, so she believes that she could deal with this evil spirit. Her intention is to beat this evil spirit that lives in the forest and scares people that come there. Let’s help her complete her idea.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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