Domestic Stranger

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This is one taught case for the two detectives Amanda and Kevin, detectives with huge experience in their work and numerous successfully solved cases. They work today together with their team, so they all arrive in the house of miss Rebecca. The reason for that is that near the house was found the vehicle used for illegal cross border transfer of drugs, between two neighboring countries.You may imagine how serious case is this and how important is to find who stands behind the organization of this criminal act that costs a lot. Amanda and Kevin like to search the whole place in details because their instinct is telling them that there is something suspicious about miss Rebecca and her husband George. They act like they are not responsible for anything but is that the truth?The detective\'s team has to look for all the evidences and traces left behind the criminals and see where those things lead. Let\'s help them find out the truth and find out who is responsible for this cross border criminal.

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