Zoo Detective

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We are all aware of the mischievous nature of pets and animals in general. It is true that they can\'t be completely calmed, even when we take them to trainers, even when we look for ways to tame them. Yes, it works for us to a certain extent, but when their nature gets the better of them, animals do whatever they want. And that\'s exactly why our pet runs away from us, even when we thought we were keeping it the best in the world and we were doing all right, \"according to the book.\" Now, there is another moment in this story. When someone steals out animal, and this is where things get complicated. Alice is a famous detective for cases related to missing animals. She came to the city zoo today to work on her new case. Namely, the little monkeys who live in the zoo have disappeared since morning. Everyone wonders how this happened when the zoo garden was so well-secured. Alice has the task of finding out what happened to them.

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