Timeless Treasures

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Around us, there may be some things, some objects, the value of which we do not know. Perhaps they have been around us all along, but we have not been aware that those things have value because we have been interested in some other, completely different things, for example. But for some people, those objects can have an incalculable meaning, for those who know what they are about, of course. A young girl named Emma lives in a village near the royal palace. She is not a royal family member but knows how things are there. Among other things, she also knows that the king offers great wealth if someone brings him valuables to his palace, and there are such valuables in her village. Today, Emma decides to start a search for valuable objects from her village. She is destined to succeed in her mission and to receive great wealth. Let\'s see together what it is about more specifically, what are those valuable objects that Emma needs to find, and of course, help her find them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects



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