The Magic Summer

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Lori loves romance and believes in romance. She is a type of girl that always enjoys watching romantic movies, reading romantic books, visiting romantic places… She is actually a big dreamer who finds beauty in everything that surrounds her and believes that the best is yet to come, in every sphere of her life.This summer Lori has decided to visit her best friend that lives in Europe and spend there her summer holiday. She is few days here already and she feels wonderful in this small romantic European city. Besides the city, Lori has also met new friends there. she believes in romance, but she didn’t though about meeting someone special there, even though she believes that a romance happens when you expect less.Few days ago Lori started receiving love letters. It seems that she has a secret admirer because those letters are not signed. Lori really likes to find out who writes those letters so let’s help her. Maybe there are some traces that will take her to the person responsible for the letters.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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