Pirates secret treasure

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Jack is a captain of a group of pirates that operates on the seas. He sails together with his daughter Christine and we have to admit that even the greatest pirates have problems from time to time... This time, Captain Jack, together with his daughter Christine and his loyal pirates, starts a search for treasure. It is not about a regular hidden treasure story, but something else. Another group of pirates-rebels has stolen the treasure from Captain Jack\'s boat and has hidden it somewhere. Jack, Cristina, and their group of pirates don\'t know where can they find the stolen treasure but they know that they have to take initiative and start searching for the lost belongings. Every search that includes an open sea is hard, but our captain Jack and his crew are experienced pirates that will surely find what belongs to them. Maybe we could help our pirates, so let\'s start searching together and see if we can be helpful in this challenging mission. We will look for the stolen treasure, same as the pirates do, and let\'s hope that everything will be all right.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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